Why Oil Change and Filter Change for Your Car?

Why Oil Change and Filter Change for Your Car?

Why Oil Change and Filter Change for Your CarWhy Oil Change By Thom Marchall <>

Here is one of the MOST basic, but MOST important vehicle maintenances that should not be neglected…

Regular OIL CHANGE AND FILTER change are very important  — WHY!!!!

Because – when your car’s engine runs it burns fuel/gasoline that leaves carbon behind. The carbon that is left behind is what is causing your engine oil to turn from a pretty golden shade to BLACK.

Carbon is carbon it’s the basis of steel, diamonds, and just about everything really hard. We all have seen burnt carbon in our fireplaces, kitchen stoves, etc, its tough stuff.

So the carbon that builds up in your engine collects in several places and one is in the oil. That’s why you have an oil filter. The filter is designed to trap as much of the carbon as it can, however, it can only hold so much and can not trap the very fine particles

Now here’s the reason you want to keep your oil changed! The carbon that collects in your oil is in the form of a powder, JUST LIKE AJAX OR COMET, it’s a very fine abrasive that causes continual grinding on “all” internal engine parts.

The dirtier the oil the more carbon in the oil, the more wear and damage is done to your car’s engine plus, numerous other parts.

Let’s keep it simple – the more often you change your oil the less wear, tear, and better fuel mileage!

‘Preventive maintenance’ is important to keep your car safe and running efficiently. Spending a little money every couple of months in preventing problems beats big expensive engine, transmission, and other replacements.

With proper care, your car will last longer and you can actually save money!

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