The Very Best Technicians

<> By Thom Marshall <> We are always on the lookout for the very best Technicians. Something that started becoming a sore spot with me when I hired a new Tech was after a week or two they resign because “ we work too hard!”

At first I did not think anything about this comment, but after about the 10th time you have to ask yourself is it us?

What is it that we are working too hard, how can I make it easier? Well, I finally was able to get a new Tech to sit down with me and elaborate. I asked, what is it that makes working at Marshall Motors so hard? He told me that number one we require Technicians to do too much paperwork, I said tell me more He said that he just wanted

to be given the customers car and told what to fix, make the repair and move on to the next one. I asked what if the customer brought in their car because it was making a noise, which was a fan belt, but the brakes were bad and about to give out. He said well they should know that, they drive the car every day! He went on to elaborate that it took too much time to look a car over not knowing if the customer was going to do any of the repairs or not, that was not fair to the Technician. He continued but suddenly it fell on deaf ears. Because I figured something out. I looked out at I35 out my window at all the vehicles on the road at that very moment, I realized how many cars Technicians may just fix the problem with but “DON’T’ properly check them over – This was huge to me –

To think how many people are driving around with cars they don’t know if they can trust or not. I realized that what we do is so far exceptional to the get it in and out quick system of car repair in most shops. We take the time to look each customers car over from bumper to bumper, we get to know each car, to know the little things about that customer and their cars, and be able to tell a customer this is a good car that just needs

some attention or this is a very worn car put your money into something of better value. Eureka that’s what its all about is the “Value” It is a valuable thing to know how safe you and your love ones are when driving the family automobile.

It then got me to thinking of all the other values that we at Marshall Motors really do. Sure we’re human and sometimes we make a mistake, but all our customers have to do is tell us. We will be more than happy to solve any problem. We are here to solve problems and we do every day from simple can you pick up and deliver my car, to the woman that was broken down half way from Dallas to Oklahoma City. All our customers have to do is tell us. Yes, we do work hard at Marshall Motors and it’s not going to change!! By the by if you know of “quality” Technicians I’m still looking!!!