Scheduled Factory Maintenance Services

Scheduled Factory Maintenance Services

Factory Maintenance Services by Thom Marshall.

The term Factory Maintenance or Scheduled Maintenance is what has replaced what most of us know as a “Tune Up”

There was a time that your local mechanic would tell you – “Its time for a Tune Up” which most of us would relate to replacing the points, plugs, and condenser. Well, cars have evolved.

With the evolution of modern cars so have the parts that make them run. No longer do they use wearing points & condensers, now they’ve been replaced with solid-state modules. In other words a non-moving part that does not wear and does not require being replaced every 30,000 miles or less. Same with Spark Plugs up until about 2004 spark plugs need replacing every 30,000 miles. Now there are plugs that will go 100 to 150,000 – which bring us to the point of Factory Maintenance Services or Scheduled Maintenance.

What determines the replacement of most engine and transmission components is #1 time and #2 wear! So both the car manufacturer and the part manufacture have tested parts long enough to say “this part” most commonly fails at an average of XXX Thousand miles, and should be replaced when the cars on board computer detect wear of the part OR by the age of the part.

One part that we are familiar with is Timing Belts, which are on the inside of most engines and when they break can do some extensive damage. Most the time we are aware that we should be replacing our timing belt at 90,000 to 120,000 miles. Well, that is what determines the replacement of most parts in your car now.

So car manufactures HIGHLY recommend “Regular Scheduled Service Maintenance”; basic scheduled maintenances consist of visual inspections with an onboard computer test.

All cars manufactured after 2000 have onboard computers, most cars manufactured after 2005 ARE COMPUTERS!

With the new design of cars, it is important to keep filters replaced and fluids changed, because a dirty or restricted filter can easily cause a $100 to $2000 part to fail. Most fluids in our new cars are not a single fluid. Power Steering fluid, there are over 100 different types of power steering fluids and are actually several fluids mixed together. So with “time” and “wear”, they begin to separate and cause pumps and steering racks to fail.

Antifreeze is another that there are over 100 different types of Antifreeze and using the wrong antifreeze can cause severe engine damage.

So what is Factory Scheduled Maintenance? It’s having your car correctly inspected by a competent and knowledgeable Technician and having the filters changes when they are either due to be replaced or show wear. Having fluids changed when THEY are due or test badly. And it’s having a regular vehicle computer system test so that simple defective sensors can be replaced before the sensor causes catastrophic part failures!! So what is Scheduled Factory Maintenance Services ——- “IMPORTANT’

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