Preventive Maintenance is Important!

Preventive Maintenance is Important!

Preventive Maintenance‘Preventive maintenance’ is important! By Thom Marshall <>  So, why preventative maintenance? to keep your car safe and running efficiently.

We have moved into a throwaway society and that has also come to mean our cars too! There is no reason why your car should not be able to accomplish 200,000 miles plus. Also, if the car is well-maintained, you can expect a higher resell price when you do decide to sell it. With proper care, your car “will” last longer and you can avoid more costly problems.

Here are some basic, but important areas that should be on the top of your list…

Regular OIL AND FILTER changes are very important to keep your engine running smoothly – removing the old oil and filter takes away much of the microscopic debris and particles that can grind on the inside of the engine. Check the Oil LEVEL and CONDITION regularly.

Regular Replacement of AIR & FUEL Filters are very important, they should be checked every oil change. Restricted filters cause your car to use as much as an additional 5 to 10 gallons of fuel in just an average week!

Regular TRANSMISSION FLUID AND FILTER changes In the same way as oil lubricates the engine, Transmission Fluid is just as vital to be changed and the bills can be just as high or higher for a replaced or rebuilt transmission as they can be for an engine!

Low or weak ANTIFREEZE “will” cause the engine to overheat, causing serious damage! Just about every manufacturer recommends changing your car’s antifreeze every (2) two years. And remember NEVER NEVER NEVER open the radiator or coolant overflow tank when the engine is hot!

Check the TIRE PRESSURE regularly – at least once a month. If you don’t have tire pressure gauge GET ONE!!. You will find recommended tire pressure can usually be found on the driver’s door jamb/frame or in the Drivers Handbook, The maximum pressure listed on tires is NOT the proper pressure! Refer to the owner’s manual. In addition to the SAFETY benefit of correct tire pressure – your car will actually get improved GAS MILEAGE!

Rotate tires at every second oil change – it will ensure all tires wear equally. Feel vibration at cruising speed? – if so, have your tires balanced.

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