Marshall Motors Inspections

Marshall Motors Inspections


Marshall Motors provide three different levels of vehicle inspections as follows:

1) The 32-point Inspection: This is an inspection that is done to get a general overview of the car with a written report. The cost of this inspection is $125.00

2) Then there is our 97-point inspection:  This is a comprehensive evaluation that we recommend you get done before any needed service or repair.

Every detail about the condition of your car is fully documented, and the results are provided to you in writing.  Then, when the repairs on your car are completed, Marshall Motors assigns another technician to confirm that all repairs were in fact finished and that there were no items missed on the 97-point inspection.

We believe the best service we offer is to help you make informed decisions about your vehicle.

Cost of this inspection is $250.00

Minimally, we recommend that this inspection be performed at least once per year. However, we strongly recommend it be performed every six months because your car is a working machine and components can begin to fail without notice.

The 97-point inspection is the most valuable piece of information any car owner can have. It will help you make informed decisions about the servicing and maintaining of your car.

3) The Ful Pre-Buy Inspection: If you are buying a car and want to ensure you are not getting a lemon; then the full pre-buy inspection may be something of interest to you.  This inspection service is a combination of the total 97 – point inspection plus an entirely mechanical, body and interior inspection of the vehicle and the results provided in writing.  Cost of this inspection is $375.00


Thom Marshall