Break Down Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance

Break Down Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance

Break Down Maintenance and Preventative MaintenanceBreak Down Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance by Thom Marshall <> There are only two kinds of vehicle maintenance.

First Is Break Down Maintenance

Breakdown maintenance is the worst, the car just quits, you are left stranded can’t pick up little Johnny, can’t get to work, can’t get to the store, or any of the other things you depend on your car for. This is the repair you have no control over, you are at the mercy of what it will take to get the problem fixed.

This is preventable thou! Because there is a better choice, the choice that puts you in control!

The Better Choice Is Preventive Maintenance

Wikipedia’s online dictionaries definition of Preventive Maintenance is; Maintenance and care of equipment or systems before the fault occurs.

This means preventing breakdowns!

That is where at Marshall Motors, Planned Maintenance or Preventive Maintenance comes in to play. The primary goal of preventive maintenance is to avoid the consequences of a failure of your vehicles parts and components. This saves you ( a lot of ) time, money, and grief!

It is designed to preserve and restore equipment reliability by repairing or replacing worn components before they actually fail. A breakdown repair will always be more costly than a repair that prevents break down.

Preventive maintenance activities include partial or complete repairs or service of components at specified scheduled periods, such as oil changes, replacing filters, belts, hoses, lubrication and so on.

In addition, our Technicians can record equipment deterioration, so we know beforehand when components may need to be replaced or repaired before they cause system failures.

The ideal preventive maintenance program would prevent all equipment failures before they could occur.

The Value Of Preventative maintenance is it puts YOU in control!

YOU decide when to take YOUR car in, YOU can make arrangements to pick up little Jonny, get to work, the store, it’s much nicer and doesn’t add to the frustrations of the day.

Here at Marshall Automotive, we know this is a mobile society, no one walks, rides a horse or bike we all depend on our cars to get us where we need to go, so don’t let the car control you, you control the car. We have preventive maintenance specials going on right now to get your car ready for the busy season ahead so call or come see us now.

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